What is your characters physical description?
Lean, athletic, has a few scars, the most visible one is on his jaw line, about 1-2 inches long. He wears padded clothing, and a long duster coat.

Does your character have any quirks?
Very fastidious regarding maintenance of his equipment, always likes to keep his weapon clean (no that is not a euphemism! ;-) )

*What is your character’s age, race and gender?"
Rodian, male, age? Not sure of average age for rodians, whether they age like humans etc.

Family & Friends

Who are the most important people in your life?
Brick’s obligation is his family, his sister and mother were captured by slavers along with himself when they were very young. He remembers a little of the Rodian homeworld, he was being trained as a hunter when he was captured. His sister is still a slave to the Hutt’s, Brick hopes to one day buy her freedom. His mother escaped from the slave camps, Brick has no idea where she might be. He has attempted to find her with no success.

What’s your characters most prized mundane possession? Why do they value it so much?
He has an old scope that he carries around with him, like a good luck charm. He trained with that scope while becoming a bounty hunter, it does not really work as well as a modern scope, but he still keeps it.

Has your character ever been married? Do you have any children?
No, he has been a slave for most of his adult life, so he has not really had the opportunity for love. He did have a brief relationship with a female rodian slave who fell pregnant. Once this was discovered, she was shipped off somewhere else, and Brick does not know what happened, either to her, or his child. His situation is too precarious with the Hutts having his sister to make too much noise investigating the location of his child, but it is something he intends to follow up on.

Do you have any other friends and family?
Brick does not know what happened to the rest of his family back on Rodia, when he was captured he still had a father and an uncle somewhere on the planet. He has made a couple friends among the bounty hunters on Tatooine. He is still close to his mentor that trained him, a Trandoshan by the name of Kepler.


Do you have any bad habits?
Brick does not like acting spontaneously, he likes to suss out a situation before acting. If shit hits the fan, he will act, but it can be frustrating for colleagues who want a response straight away.

What is your greatest strength and weakness?
Brick is quite good at what he does, which is killing his enemies. He has not been able to amass any decent gear as of yet, but he has good skills with his carbine. He is a decent hand to hand combatant, but prefers to strike from range. He likes to act in scenarios where he has a measure of control.

When caught by surprise, he can be slow to react, and will not want to be part of any mission that has near suicidal odds. His reasoning is that he can’t get paid if he is dead, and his sister needs him to stay alive to gain her freedom. He definitely has a mercenary outlook on life, if the odds are stacked against him, it will be very tempting for him to walk away.

What is your character willing to die for?
His sister. Brick was a slave under the Hutt cartel the party works for. He has eventually made his masters enough money as a bounty hunter that he was able to “buy” his own freedom. This would not normally occur, however the slave masters were able to convince his master that Brick would work more effectively if he considered himself to be free. The fact that his sister is still a slave under Hutt control, and they can use her to exert a measure of control over him, means that he has been allowed to become more or less autonomous. He has been sent to the party as an experiment to see how this process works.

What are your characters greatest Joys and Fears?
Joys would be a successful job, a plan coming together well, any time he can snatch with his sister.

He would fear losing his sister, dying before being able to free her, failing his assigned mission, and most of all, becoming a slave again.

Do you have any hobbies?
Kepler taught him that weird chess game that was being played on the Millennium Falcon (I don’t know what it was called), Brick likes it as it teaches a long term strategy and planning; and just hunting in general, not necessarily an assassination target, he likes spending some time in the wilderness on occasion.


What was your characters financial status before stepping into Edge of the Empire? (eg Low, Middle, Upper class, Upper-Middle etc)
Low, very low. Slaves don’t really get paid.

What was your character doing before entering Edge of the Empire?
Working as a bounty hunter for the Hutts.

What is your home planet?
Rodia was where he was born, Tattooine is basically where he lives now.

Are you using your original identity?
Brick is basically his slave name given to him by the Hutts since he was young. The idea is to name him a common object to teach him humility, and so he would learn to not rise above his station.

Do have any aliases? If yes what are you known as and where?
Not really, he is starting out on his solo career.

Do you have a criminal record?
He may have some minor charges on Tattooine, I am assuming anything major would have been taken care of by his master.

To what level is your character educated?
As a bounty hunter he would have been taught basic reading and writing, so that he can read reports and study backgrounds of his targets. He would know some rudimentary detective work, mostly by engaging contacts on various planets.

What brought you into the Edge of the Empire?
Starting career as an Assassin.

What is your obligation?
Family, it is also my motivation.

How did your obligation come about?
I have explained this above.

Does your character hold a vengeance against something/someone?
He probably does not have a lot of love for his former captors, but he can’t really do anything about that at the moment.

Who, if anyone, knows any of your darker secrets? Whose secrets do you know?
Kepler would know a lot of his earlier work, and would have worked with him on missions. He is probably the person Brick trusts most. Trust is not an easy thing that Brick will just hand out, it would have to be earned over a large amount of time. Slaves would betray each other for a loaf of bread.

What is one act in your past your most proud of?
Assassinating a rival slave lord, and witnessing the majority of the slaves making their escape.

What is one act in your past your most ashamed of?
To prove his loyalty to the cause of the assassins, he had to kill a random stranger on the street. Brick didn’t want to do it, but had no choice. That person was his first kill, and while there have been several others since then, he still feels guilt for that.


What are your characters long term goals?
As previously mentioned, freedom and security for himself and his family is paramount, if he succeeds in freeing his family, he would not necessarily stop bounty hunting,
but he would have the freedom to choose his jobs more selectively.

Why is your character in his chosen career? What motivated him to go into this field?
Bounty hunting means he can use his skills of stealth and planning to take down a target with minimal casualties. It is as close to his original goal of being a hunter on Rodia that he can get to. It helps that he is good at it.

What faction do you most align to? (eg Rebel, Imperial, Jedi, Sith, Smugglers, Underworld)

Underworld at present, due to his background. Brick would be happy to align to a faction that can help him reach his goals.

What is your characters motivation? How does this push you to achieve your goals?
Money, for freedom of his family, so he will take a job so long as the pay is good, and its not impossible, basically if the risk/reward is decent, he is happy.


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