Infinity Edge of the Empire

Mission 1: A New Hope or Lack Thereof

This was the first meeting of the group that would later go on to become the infamous Gang of Dudes.

It all started with a politician named Pu’Bahm and his two sympathizers, Snowball Svogthos and Barf. Pu’Bahm was fleeing the planet, Kuat, after his political opposition of the Mega corp, Wookie Wonka, earned him a large bounty. A staunch defender of Pu’Bahm’s campaign, Svogthos helped Pu’Bahm off planet along with his friend, Barf, in their Lambda Shuttle.

Running out of options and allies the crew head to Alderaan in hopes of finding some work and money. It is here in the Southern districts of Aldera that they came across a pub named The Wooden Wing.

Looking for work they became aquainted with a Underworld Boss of Aldera simply named The Captain. The Captain assigned the group a smuggling mission. Delivering a shipment of Avabush Spice to Mos Taike on Tatooine. The Captain also introduced the party to his resident fencer, Tish K’ss. Tish as well as supplying them with equipment also gave them an assignment on Tatooine to retrieve a rare bio weapon from the vault of the corrupt Governor Taarkon. The group accepted both jobs and began their journey to Tatooine. During their transit they encountered a stow away aboard the shuttle. A droid by the name of FU-LYND1. The droid didn’t recollect how it came aboard the ship and had thought it had been on there the entire time. The party allowed the droid to join them on their mission.

The party landed on Mos Espa in one of their large spaceports. The group still needed someway to transport their cargo from Mos Espa to Mos Taike. Upon asking around, looking for connections to the the Tatooine Underground. They came into contact with Boss Malki, a small mob boss within the industrial slums of Mos Espa. Operating out of his repair shop, he lent a vehicle to the party to transport their cargo.

The party loaded up and set off. On the way to Mos Taike the group were flanked by desert raiders. The group attempted to outrun the raiders pushing their vehicle to the limit. They managed to get away but at the cost of the speeder. The overheating engine burst into flames causing the speeder to break down and crash into a house upon entering Mos Taike. Pu’Bahm immediately started to gather people to help retrieve the drugs from the speeder, convincing the people that the drugs were in fact medical supplies.

The cargo was preserved yet the vehicle was totaled. Pu’Bahm saved someone who was almost consumed by the burning vehicle and was lauded by onlookers. Using his recent popularity he commandeered a truck for the citizens and the group continued their journey to meet their contact in Mos Taike. They met the with the contact and completed the hand over.

Being late afternoon the party looked for somewhere to stay with the plan to leave the next morning. During their search their truck was tagged by an Imperial patrol speeder. To evade investigation the party quickly retreated to a drug den which they had been made aware of. They stayed the night here until the pressure was dissipated.

Leaving again in the morning the again attracted the attention of Imperial authorities. The group was apprehended in regards to a reported truckload of medical supplies that was not delivered to the local hospital. The party was separated and questioned. The investigators failed to find any incriminating evidence on the party and proceeded to let them go.

The party then headed back to Mos Espa. Upon arriving they were approached by Boss Malki’s goons and escorted to the Boss himself. Understandably, the Boss wasn’t very happy about the loss of his speeder. He gave the party a chance to repay the debt that they had come to owe him. Repay the worth of the vehicle or find a replacement of equal or greater value.

So the group were allowed to set off once more to obtain the funds or goods requested. They stopped over by their ship where Snowball decided to stay back and look after the craft while the rest went out to steal a car to replace the one that they totaled.

The party went to the Mos Espa Grand Arena where several people were congregating for the Mos Espa pod race. They managed to make off with a new speeder quite easily.

While this was going on two Trandoshan’s boarded the groups Lambda shuttle. They explained to Svogthos that they were there to keep an eye on the ship while the party were repaying that debt. One of the Trandoshans went to report back to the boss while his brother kept an eye on Svogthos.

While Slaad was gone the ship once again boarded. This time by Imperial authorities following up on the drug smuggling investigation that started on Mos Taike. Svogthos and the other Trandoshan were promptly apprehended. The rest of the party handed their stolen craft back to the crime boss, repaying the debt and then headed back to the Lambda shuttle. Only to find that the shuttle was now being guarded by Imperial stormtroopers and had a number of bolts on it, locking it down.

Slaad, spotting the group, approached them and explained the situation. Clearly upset about the situation he demanded the groups assistance in helping retrieve his brother. The party set in motion a plan to break into the facility and rescue Svogthos and Slaad’s brother. However by the time the group had reached the facility Svogthos had already been released. It was also at this point that someone infiltrated the facility and killed Slaad’s brother. The party managed to spot the assassin leaving the facility and tried to ghost him back to his employer. The party ended up walking into a cantina filled with goons from Malki’s syndicate.

A fight broke out with Slaad ripping many of the assailents to pieces in a rage brought on by the loss of his brother. Malki’s men were quickly disposed of. Slaad torn but the recent events decided to depart from the group and go into deep contemplation. The group now united was free to continue their mission. Sneaking back onto their ship and disabling the restrainers they managed to take off and head to their next destination at Wayfar.

Located at Wayfar was the party’s second objective. They were assigned to locate a rare biological weapon located in the vault of the Governor’s palace located amongst the endless sands of Tatooine. The party met up with with Tish K’ss’s contact in the local hotel in Wayfar’s remote town centre. Its here they met Gurb. The Wookie Doctor who was also assigned to locating the weapon. Gurb agreed to come along with the rest of the group and help them with the heist. The group did a couple of laps around the complex scoping the place out. The governor’s mansion is built at the top of a crevasse overlooking the vast series of interconnected valleys. Heading around behind the mansion, to the bottom of the crevasse, the party located a hidden door leading into the mansions “underground” complex. They broke into the complex via the rear door, tripping the alarm in the process. Beyond the doors was a towering staircase leading up deeper into the fortress. The party tried to ascend the case but were swiftly pushed back by security. The party, unprepared, retreated. Returning to their speeder they withdrew from the mansion. Pu’Bahm was captured by the Mansion security during the conflict. A security speeder had chased after the Gang of Dudes. After a short speeder chase/gun fight the offending speeder was taken out and the Gang managed to scavenge for some weapons as well as ID chips hidden within the wrists of the guards. The Gang of Dudes had gone back into hiding, planning their next move against the Mansion.

Pu’Bahm was now imprisoned by the Governor and being kept underneath the mansion in a secret dungeon. The remaining Dudes started to scour Wayfar. Going through the homes and farmsteads looking for information of the Governors operations. Taarkon was mainly running a protection racket. Extorting protection money from the townsfolk claiming that he was protecting them for nearby Tusken Raiders. However the locals have become disillusioned with the situation believing that Taarkon was creating the illusion of danger and that his repeated reports of skirmishes with the Raiders were fabrications. At one residence the Gang of Dudes came to learn of the servants/harem that the Governor kept inside his home. He would advertise paid work as a maid or cleaner inside the mansion and once the job was accepted he would prevent the new worker from ever leaving the grounds via threats and blackmail. The Dudes spoke with a family whose daughter was in the mansion at that very moment. The Dudes also learned of a communications array that was in place to block communications within Wayfar. While exploring the houses of the townsfolk they discovered that the equipment that was creating the communications blanket had been installed in the farmers moisture extractors without them noticing. The Dudes set up an ambush by disabling one of the communication arrays. They then lied in wait for the support team to come out a repair the array. When the team arrived the Dudes engaged and killed the team.

The group was now resupplied with weapons and speeders. With this, they made another attempt at storming the mansion. Equipped with security passes, they scoped out the back entrance to the underground complex again. After the first attack the Governor had upped his defenses and there were now two guards posted at the back entrance. The Dudes engaged the guards and quickly took them out. They proceeded up into the Governors base taking out multiple guards and droids in the process. While looking for where Lyndon was being kept they came across a droid station currently holding a number of droids. FU-LYND1 reprogrammed the droids and used them to continue their raid through the base. They eventually came up to where Pu’Bahm was being held. The Governor had retreated back and was now hunkered down in the prison cell, guarding it with a heavy repeating blaster. Now at a standoff, the Dudes negotiated with the Governor. They came to an agreement to let Pu’Bahm go if the Gang would complete a couple tasks assigned by Taarkon. Pu’Bahm was let go and in anger immediately attacked Taarkon. A fight broke out which eventually led to the Governor’s death. With the complex cleared and the Governor dead the Gang of Dudes took ownership of the mansion. They took claim to all the land deeds which were under Taarkon, his territory and assets. The crew met up with the servants that were working for Taarkon and released them. Marlene, a servant who had assisted the party, had come to find that her parents had been murdered by the Governor in in a past engagement. Distressed and with no where to go she turned towards thew Gang of Dudes, namely Pu’Bahm who she instantly had a connection with. The group had decided to take Marlene with the to their next encounter.

Having now claimed Taarkons lands the group planned to him the Governor’s appointment with the traveling Hutt lord, Untolo. Untolo arrived at the mansion the next day. The Hutt revealed Taarkon as a aggressive and uncouth gangster, consistently being a thorn in Untolo’s side. He congratulated the gang on their victory and the groups drank in a toast to the end of the turf wars between the two faction. Untolo ventured back to his own territories after a couple days of feasting and festivities.

Even with the Gangs newly found investments they soon found themselves once again drawn to the excitement of venturing into space. The contact Slaad Shan and convinced him to look after the mansion while they were gone. Having received new objectives by their contacts they took off into the stars once more.

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